Parkour Cross

Parkour Cross is a new pram, available in 4 Specials leatherette fabrics. Parkour Cross offers you a complete travel system manufactured to the highest standards, using the latest technology and high quality fabrics.
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More information

Parkour Cross is a new pram, available in 4 Specials leatherette fabrics. With its only 50cm wide narrow chassis, the Parkour Cross is easy to manoeuvre in compact spaces.

It includes chassis + large PLW ultra light carrycot + reversible IPB seat with hood.

For a complete travel system, the optional Easymaxi group 0+ infant car seat is available.

The carrycot supplied with Parkour Cross cannot be used in the car.

Technical features

a The ergonomic rubber coated handle is removable and height-adjustable.

b Telescopic folding system, for smooth opening and folding.

c Swivel or straighten the wheels with one touch of a button, no need to touch the wheels.

d Linked brakes on rear wheels.

e Rear wheels with ball bearings and adjustable suspension, for a smooth ride.

f Front and rear wheels are easy to attach and detach, for more compact folding.

g Front wheels, with swivelling mono-arms with suspension and ball bearings for greater comfort and manoeuvrability.

h Large basket.

i Fit the carrycot, pushchair seat or car seat easily, without adaptors.

Chassis dimensions

  • Opened
  • Width 50 cm
  • Height 103 cm
  • Depth  90 cm
Chassis Parkourcross
  • Closed
  • Width 50 cm
  • Height 83 cm
  • Depth 33 cm

Approx. weight with basket: 8,0 kg.