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General terms and conditions of use

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Bébécar takes care to ensure that all information contained in this Site is accurate and reliable at the time of its inclusion in the same, should however be noted that Bébécar does not assume any responsibility if the information is incorrect, incomplete or even outdated.

Except where expressly mentioned on the Site, Bébécar is not responsible for any content contained in any web page, and assumes no responsibility for the content of messages sent or received by you.

All content (texts and photos) on this Site is property of Bébécar. By accessing this Site, you do not acquire any rights other than those which contemplate the use and display of this Site in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

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It is not allowed to use any part of the Bébécar Site on any other Site, even if by use of a link or hyperlink. This restriction may be considered void if there is an authorization by the responsible persons of Bébécar, stating these same purposes for using the information.

To obtain a permit for the purposes mentioned above, you must contact Bébécar and its responsible persons, through an e-mail or by mail, and you must send the following information:
(a) your name and the name of the technician responsible for the hyperlink/link;
(b) the name of your company;
(c) your telephone number/e-mail, or telephone number/e-mail of the technician responsible for the hyperlink/link;
(d) the address of the Site(s) where the hyperlink/link(s) will appear.

You may not use the name of Bébécar or use the brand Bébécar in a less proper way.

You may not use this Site for any illegal purposes and, more specifically, you agree not to send, use, copy or permit any submission that is defamatory, obscene or even abusive, indecent or in the privacy limit of any person. You agree not to send any unsolicited material or even any high-volume messages, which may interfere with the proper operation of the Site, to Bébécar, as well as to any other visitors to the area.

Bébécar reserves the right, at any time and without further notice, to modify, change, suspend or discontinue any part or this entire Site, and even to prohibit and/or restrict access to it.

The information that Bébécar gains will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed in any way, similarly to the treatment given to any case which relates to any of the Bébécar customers. As an exception, there are three specific cases in which the information will be disclosed:

(a) in the case of an authorization to be provided by the holder of the information and such authorization must be in writing;
(b) when this information is required by any legal entity and is accompanied by a valid order under the Portuguese law;
(c) or if such information is already part of the public domain, or has been sent by some entity that can respond for the right to use such information.

The information that Bébécar can access will be adequately addressed within the universe of the Bébécar Group and may be used to support research or even as statistics.
This information can be sent to any country of the European Union, as well as any area of the world where Bébécar has official offices. It can also be used to provide useful data of products or services to our customers.
When one of our users provides personal data such as the name, address and telephone number, Bébécar will assume that the user was aware of the purpose for which the data were provided and, in this case, Bébécar will retain this information and subsequently may use this data to inform the holders of such information on products and services that Bébécar makes available.
This type of information may, anyway, move between the Bébécar Group, since the Group is the holder of any and all information available on the Site.

You will unquestionably agree to indemnify Bébécar against all damages, claims, losses and damages (including legal requirements), inflicted against Bébécar and/or in the misuse of this Site, as well as in breach of these Terms and Conditions.

The Bébécar Site can give access to other Sites through hyperlinks/links but, although the connection is made through this Site, Bébécar does not assume any responsibility for the information contained in those Sites and their use implies an automatic accountability on the part of the user

If, for some reason, you are in breach of any of these Terms and Conditions, Bébécar has the right to suspend or even withdraw your access to this Site.

This Site is provided by Bébécar free from any kind of signature and/or payment. This means that there are no warranties of any kind on the part of Bébécar.

The Terms and Conditions for access to this Site may be modified at any time by Bébécar and the continued access after these changes implies that you will be automatically covered by the new standards either you have read them or not.

These Terms and Conditions, as well as the entire contents of the Site are covered under the scope of the Portuguese legislation, whose courts and competent entities have the exclusive jurisdiction.

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